Part I:

In the 80’s , in a bustling, dirty, crowded city in Nigeria, I was born. I was the third out of four children, born just 11 months after one of my middle brother . My parents were young and working hard to make ends meet , as Nigeria was a country where life , for the majority of people, was a struggle . Basic commodities, like food , fresh water , power were not consistent and we constantly in pursuit of these basics .

Shortly after I was born , my father moved to London to further his education , as his training as a doctor. Doctors in Nigeria were respected , but not paid well, and living check to check was a common reality. When I was 18 months , we moved to England and not long after , my youngest brother was born.

Over the next few years , we moved from city to city in England , barely spending a year in any given school. Just before my 9th birthday , we immigrated to Canada.

My parents dream for their kids was that they would work hard and be able to provide for their family . Growing up in a very colour conscious world , my father constantly drilled in my head , “before anybody will tell you that you are good , you must be 10x better than them”.

So, the drive to do more , work more and don’t give up was ignited.

At a young age, I knew I wanted to be a doctor , and my path towards medicine began . I later found out as a young adult , that I didn’t just want to be a doctor . The path I have walked , has not been an easy path, as every step of the way , I faced challenges , disappointments, set backs, set ups and pain . However , I’m writing a story of encouragement , a story of victory. Through my struggles , I “bargained “ with God saying , “if you will help me get into medical school, I’ll make a difference in this world “. So, here I am , humbly and respectfully , to share my story and hopefully encourage you to be the best version of you. I title this collection of blog stories as the “The Making of Dr. Tomi Mitchell”, as I recognize , that my life to what it is today , has been a journey . I’ve learned many life lessons and still continue to learn on a daily basis.

Each of us has the opportunity to make a life for yourself , despite your current circumstances . Working hard , fate, hope , resiliency and staying true to your belief , can take you far. I hope you enjoy reading these stories , and they benefit you, helping you become who you are meant to be.