If you knew the exact day and time

you were going to die , would you live your life differently ? Sounds like a rhetorical question, but there is truth to it . How often do we tell ourselves, “ I’ll take care of that tomorrow “ instead of seizing the moment and taking care of it now . We make excuses telling us that we are too busy . Funny enough , we sometimes say things like , “when I have more time ……I’ll do x, y and z”. We can all fill in the blanks and remember our excuses

Perhaps we need to move past the inertia point, breaking through , and start living and reaching those goals . I often tell my patients that , “Rome wasn’t built in a day”. It took us time to get to the point we are today. It took time for us to get to whatever challenging situation that is facing us . Time- a finite resource at our disposal, but unfortunately , it can be here one day , but gone the next .

So often we live a limited lifes due to the following mental roadblocks:

I’m too young
I’m too old
It’s not meant to be
I’m not pretty enough
I’m not smart enough
I’ve made too many mistakes

This list could go on. Do you have your own signature roadblock that sabotages your progress ? Why is the roadblock there ? Is it as a result of life’s experiences ? Did someone speak those roadblocks in your life ? Did someone tell you that you would be a failure in life ?

So, after identifying the roadblock, how do you propose you will move it ? Roadblocks can be hard and heavy . After a storm, with gusting winds, sometimes large branches fall off the tree , blocking roads . After the storm has settled , there will be a process of clearing the roads , which takes team effort .

Life is no different . We all have challenges. Reaching out to others to help us move challenges is a good thing .We are each given a finite amount of time , so why not make the best use of it . Live a full life .

Wishing you the best – health , joy and prosperity ,

-Dr. Tomi Mitchell